Welcome to my website! Grab a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea and come join me. I always have adorable Cowboy Corgi and Heeler puppies for sale. Cowboy Corgis are a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler and a Pembroke Corgi or Cardigan Corgi. I am the First, Oldest and Original Breeder of Miniature Blue Heelers, Miniature Red Heelers and Miniature Cattle Dogs. All of my puppies come with a one year Health Guarantee. 

You are welcome to come pick your puppy up or fly here and take it back in cabin with you as a carry on. Because of our "new normal" when shipping puppies by air was shut down last spring over the virus I started using ground transport. I use 2 companies right now and I love their door to door services.  I'm so happy with their services I don't plan on shipping by air again. One company charges a flat fee of $400; which I negotiated to be able to get puppies to either coast without it being a huge charge. The other lady charges a minimum fee of $300. When it's time to have your puppy transported if that is what you want to do I contact her, if her quote is under $400 we go with her if it is over $400 we go with the other one. That's working really well.

Fort Smith Arkansas


Call or Text 479-252-2241

I take Zelle, Wire Transfers, Venmo and cash for deposits and payments.

Fort Smith, Arkansas

call or text  479-252-2241


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You saw a puppy you are interested in and you want to know what next...

 Give me a call or text you can email but I am slower responding to emails to visit about the puppies. I can answer your questions fastest and more completely if you call. I don't take payments through the mail or credit or debit cards anymore. I take wire transfers, Zelle, Venmo and cash for deposits and payments. 

All deposits and payments that are made on our puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you can not have your puppy after you have put a deposit on it, you have credit towards any other puppy we have at anytime in the future when your situation is better again.

You can drive and pick your puppy up, you can fly and take your puppy back in cabin as a carry on or I use ground transport services that do door to door delivery. The cost of that is $300-$400 typically most are $400.

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