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Blue Heeler puppies and Red Heeler puppies for sale

The Cowgirls always have adorable Miniature Blue Heeler puppies for sale and Standard Blue Heeler puppies for sale, Red Heeler puppies for sale, Australian Cattle Dog puppies for sale, Queensland Heeler puppies for sale and Cowboy Corgi puppies for sale. We are the First, Oldest and Original Breeder of Miniature Blue Heelers, Miniature Red Heelers and Miniature Cattle Dogs. All of the Cowgirl's puppies come with a one year Health Guarantee and they can be shipped to most major airports with American Airlines.

The Cowgirls are the one and only original breeders of Miniature Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs.

 <= To find your perfect Miniature or Standard size Heeler or Cowboy Corgi puppy click on the bottom link on the left "Puppies For Sale"!

If you are a veteran and you are working with the Semper Fi Foundation to get a service dog and you are interested in one of my puppies let me know. I have worked with them and am familiar with what I need to do. If you are a veteran you may want to contact the VA or Semper Fi Foundation to see if you qualify for a puppy/service dog through them.


All of The Cowgirl's puppies have a 1 year health guarantee. See our Health Guarantee on the FYI page. I have adorable Miniature Heeler puppies, Cowboy Corgi puppies and Small Standard Heeler puppies available on the Puppies For Sale page

Be sure and check my "Blog" page for current announcements or things you might find them interesting.

My property is for sale. Look on my Blog page for pics and info :)

I am going to be a grandma and I am moving back to Oklahoma to be close to Jessi, Joe and little Jacob that will join us soon. I have already started moving so if you are in Arkansas or close around this area and want one of my puppies come get one now from what I have ready to go because I will be 100% back in Oklahoma soon.... I'm going to be rocking my grandbaby. I will be cutting my breeding program back to a hobby level. This website is current, go to the PUPPIES FOR SALE page to see the puppies I have available.

Australian Cattle Dogs/Red and Blue Heelers are a working/herding breed. I have never had a puppy that would not go to stock. Mini or Standard they all want to work. I have puppies that are in working family homes all over the United States, Canada, Panama, Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico and several other small island countries. Most people come and pick their puppies up in person but I can ship with American airlines for $300. If you pick your new puppy up in person you have the added benefit of seeing it's home and meeting it's parents.



Most of the pages of this website are dedicated to my Australian Cattle Dogs (AKA Blue Heelers, Red Heelers or Queensland Heelers). I have loved, worked and bred Australian Cattle Dogs for 20 years. If you would like to see my dogs and puppies that I have available, click on "Puppies for Sale". Anything that you might want to know about me and my puppies along with helpful hints about Cattle Dogs and Cattle Dog Puppies can be found on the "FYI" page. The 1 year Health Guarantee is also on the FYI. Please make yourselves at home and we hope that you enjoy your visit.

A special big thanks to all of the men and women that are serving our country in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan that have gotten puppies from us. We are honored to work with you and very very proud of the sacrifice that you are making for our freedom. We are sincerely humbled.

I appreciate all of our friends and puppy families all over the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, Panama and South America. I would like to wish you all the very best and I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for allowing our puppies to be a part of your lives.

Thank You Very Much.

I have never had a puppy that would not go to stock. Mini or Standard they all want to work. I have puppies that are in working family homes all over the United States, Canada, Panama, Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico and several other small island countries.

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If you have gotten a puppy from me or me and my daughter through the years or you have follow this website with us and our puppies I personally want to invite you to enjoy my new website and business as well. Instead of emailing me updated photos of your puppies or dogs put them on the "Go Ahead and Brag" page of for everyone to see. While you are there check out the website and feel free to place a FREE classified photo or video ad. I would LOVE to see your updated photos of the puppies you have gotten from us for everyone to enjoy on the "Go Ahead and Brag" page as well as any other life events or pretty photos you would like to share! My new facebook page; is really growing fast I think it has around 7400 likes, join me there, there are all kinds of my puppy photos, jokes, horse, photos, I put several entries a day about how my day is going and off the wall things that I think of as well as ads that have been put on the website

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The tribute to our troops and all of those that serve to protect our great country has been moved to the Blog page.

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