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Blue and Red Heeler Puppies For Sale

Greenwood, Arkansas


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Australian Cattle Dogs/Red and Blue Heelers are a working/herding breed. I have never had a puppy that would not go to stock. Mini or Standard they all want to work. I have puppies that are in working family homes all over the United States, Canada, Panama, Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico and several other small island countries. Most people come and pick their puppies up in person but I can ship with American airlines for $300. If you pick your new puppy up in person you have the added benefit of seeing it's home and meeting it's parents.

Horses, Saddles, Tack, Farm Trucks, Trailers, Produce, Puppies, Chickens, Horse Property, Jellies, Homemade Soap, Children's Clothes, Used Show Clothes and Tack, Yard Sale Items, Antiques, Art..... It's ALL on! There are currently ads on from sellers all over the United States, Canada and France. If it's legal to sell you can sell it on HorseNRanch. We also offer STOREFRONTS! If you have a small business, sell any kind of new or used resale products or animals, having your own personal storefront is a fantastic tool for sellers. Join us on Facebook today and take part on our daily personal interactions!

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My Guys


Billy is a very small mini male that is a total hoot and is my side kick! Billy will not be offered for sale.


Tigger - Ultra Mini - 22 lbs as an adult. Tigger is almost identical too Wyatt only much much smaller. Neutered


Koda Pop - is an absolutely stunning EXTREMELY RARE TRUE BLUE boy that was from the last litter of our beautiful sire Koda. I know this boy will prove to be as tremendous a sire as his daddy was. He is now a proven sire of very pretty puppies and is siring a high percentage of true blue in his litters.


2 weeks old

3 weeks old

5 weeks

Here he is, he is home now and lives with Poncho in his crib.

My new baby blue merle Corgi puppy (Willie Nelson). If you want a beautiful Corgi puppy like my baby boy take a look at his mom and dad on Tammy Liphard's website Give Tammy a call, she'll fix you up with a puppy as pretty as my perfect boy. Well, maybe not as pretty as my puppy... he is so stinkin cute!



Poncho is my very best friend! Poncho's back was broken when he was a baby puppy. We raised him on a 3 cc syringe and then a baby bottle. He is absolutely the love of my life.


Cowboy is not used for breeding but is still an important part of our family. Cowboy's tail is an example of a mid length stumpy tail. Free to a great pet home with no kids, cats or other male dogs.


Sparky - son of Billy and Josie. Sparky is a tiny tiny mini boy. You want to know how little Sparky is? Those are horse hoof prints in mud right beside. Sparky is a daddy now, he has 2 new litters of puppies on the Cattle Dog Puppies page. Sparky has been neutered.


Cody is becoming one of my best young sires. His puppies are absolutely stunning.. He is a Tinker Max boy. Tinker is a full sister to Hondo who is Newt and Wyatt's mother. Cody, Newt and Wyatt are all sons of Max so Cody is carrying the same genetics and color as Newt who is everyone's favorite. Cody is slightly bigger than Newt.  Cody he was born 10-2011 and is neutered.


This adorable CORGI boy is Dually, he is the cornerstone of my NEW Cowboy Corgi program. Cowboy Corgi's are half Heeler and half Corgi. He will be bred to some of our mini Heeler girls. Dually was been neutered fall of 2012. I love him dearly he is a special little friend.


Tuffy is one of our smallest males, he is 20-25. Tuffy is a stumpy tail producer and has really proved himself  through his beautiful little puppies Tuffy will not be offered for sale. Tuffy is neutered.


Charlie is neutered and retired from breeding.


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