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The people that are heavily inbreeding my Miniature Heeler bloodlines are doing it with my older Mini Heeler lines. I'm not going to list my pedigrees back to the beginning of time but the most important thing to know if you are looking at puppies from any breeders that tell you they have my bloodlines; Newt and Wyatt were FULL BROTHERS so if the dad is a son of Newt and the mother is a daughter o...f Wyatt the parents of the puppy are basically half brother and sister... of my older Mini Heeler females; Sara, Sally, Sue, Cinnamon, Farah, Dixie and Sandy are all full sisters. So if you are told that any 2 of those girls are moms or grandmas to the puppy you are looking at those girls are all FULL SISTERS. The main breeder that is doing this in a big way got a LOT of puppies from me through the years and told me her mom fell in love with the one she got and wanted one, then her sister, her dad ... this was strung out over several years. After I found out that they had all been for her and what she was doing (she showed me a photo of a puppy she raised from my dogs that were brothers and sisters and then she told me she had kept several from those crosses and had already been breeding them together)I refused to sell her anymore puppies and even told her to go get one from the breeder in OR that raises the Chihuahua Heeler crosses and calls them toy heelers because she has them so inbred that that's all she can do now. I can't stop people from inbreeding my bloodlines but when I told her to stop telling people that she got the puppies from me to start with she started sending out messages to people saying nasty things about me. I'm not going to say who she is but she travels big AQHA and APHA horses shows... so when all of you big time fancy horse show people's tiny super stocky little BEAUTIFUL Mini Heelers start having a bunch of stuff wrong with them... DON'T BLAME ME!!! She is a fantastic liar, I thought she was my friend for years, I had no idea I was been worked all of those years the way I was. So when someone pulls into a MAJOR AQHA horse show pulling a $70,000 horse trailer and is selling the most BEAUTIFUL TINY STOCKY Mini Heelers out of it RUN LIKE HELL. None of this would be here last night and today and I would not be doing my approved breeder list until all of this hit the fan yesterday and I told her to stop using my name to sell her puppies, she told me not to tell her what to do and then she started sending out nasty fb messages about me to other people that were then sent to me. CAN'T WAIT TO STOP BREEDING MY DOGS... what's today...I should get a lottery ticket. I have several of my retired breeding Heelers that I would like to place in great PET homes for free. As soon as I get my dog food bill down and a few more bills paid off I'm out.


The only people that have my permission to use my name, my website, business name or the name of any of my dogs as reference to any of their dogs, puppies or their business(s) are the people on my "Breeder Recommendation" list. Anyone else using my name, website, business name or the names of any of my dogs is doing it without permission, directly against my will and can not be trusted for any reason.

Dog breeders are the most cut throat and back stabbing people towards each other of any other business you can imagine. Because The Cowgirls Ok are the original breeders of Miniature Heelers other breeders would either like to ride on our name; whether they have ever gotten our dogs or not, to their advantage or trash it to their advantage. Everyone that has gotten puppies from me is well aware that they have to have my permission to reference my name, business, website or the names of my dogs in anyway.

Recommended Breeders

Meghann Jane Parker and her husband, Kadie McKinney Winesburgh and her husband, Amy Lisano Bedford, Stephanie Stafford and Gayla Shaefer are the ONLY people with permission to reference my name and the only people that are approved breeders of my dogs (Glenda Cook, The Cowgirls, The Cowgirlsok, The Cowgirl's Cowdogs and/or the name of any dog that belongs to me.

The only people that can reference the name of any dog or puppy as out of, whelped by or sired by any of my dogs are dogs that are registered through the International Stock Dog Registry. My dogs are only registered with the International Stock Dog Registry, therefore there are no dogs with my dogs on their pedigree that are registered with any other club, registry or association. Unless someone has papers in their hands from the International Stock Dog Registry showing that my dogs are their dog or puppy's parents, they absolutely can not be believed in anyway.

Check out my website!

If you have gotten a puppy from me or me and my daughter through the years or you have follow this website with us and our puppies I personally want to invite you to enjoy my new website and business as well. Instead of emailing me updated photos of your puppies or dogs put them on the "Go Ahead and Brag" page of for everyone to see. While you are there check out the website and feel free to place a FREE classified photo or video ad. I would LOVE to see your updated photos of the puppies you have gotten from us for everyone to enjoy on the "Go Ahead and Brag" page as well as any other life events or pretty photos you would like to share! My new facebook page; is really growing fast I think it has around 7700 likes, join me there, there are all kinds of my puppy photos, jokes, horse, photos, I put several entries a day about how my day is going and off the wall things that I think of as well as ads that have been put on the website

Horses, Saddles, Tack, Farm Trucks, Trailers, Produce, Puppies, Chickens, Horse Property, Jellies, Homemade Soap, Children's Clothes, Used Show Clothes and Tack, Yard Sale Items, Antiques, Art..... It's ALL on! There are currently ads on from sellers all over the United States, Canada and France. If it's legal to sell you can sell it on HorseNRanch. We also offer STOREFRONTS! If you have a small business, sell any kind of new or used resale products or animals, having your own personal storefront is a fantastic tool for sellers. Join us on Facebook today and take part on our daily personal interactions!

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Feel free to visit the various pages that link from this page. You can see photos of all of our dogs on their pages that link from Australian Cattle Dogs (AKA Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Queensland Heelers), our Puppies For Sale, New Family Photos and information about purchasing a puppy on our FYI and Guarantee pages (Guarantee is a link from FYI). The photos on this page are random photos of our dogs taken through the years. We hope you enjoy visiting our family at home with us.

Trampolines make the best shade!

Josie (mini)- doesn't every puppy eat on the kitchen counter? Notice that the can of dog food behind her is taller than she is!   6 weeks old

Poncho's new bed, now he has a bed big enough for him and all of his favorite stuffed animals!

Josie - 3 months old

Bailey, the guardian of the couch! (Adult Mini)

Precious playing with her puppies.... how cute is that?

Jenny, our smallest mature mini mom.

Mini girl at 6 weeks old... TINY and ADORABLE!

 Mini Red Heeler at 6 weeks old... TOO CUTE! (coffee mug 4 1/2 inches tall)

Precious and one of her puppies

Sparky, Cayenne, Buddy and Brother

 Mini and Standard size puppies together for size comparison, same age.

Josie, asleep on her back with her mouth open.... looks pretty comfortable!

All of our mom's have their puppies in our house.  This is Blue and her babies.

Many people send blankets and gifts for their puppies.

This cute girl is a 6 week old Mini Heeler! Yes, she is 100% Heeler.

There is only 6 days difference in age between Cherry Pie's standard size puppy and Penny's little mini puppy.

Sally's mini puppy on the right is actually one day older than Lucky's standard size bigger puppy on the left.

Lefty is SO pretty!

Jenny, our smallest mature mini mom.

5-16-2013 just home from her surgery   5-26-2013  all better with her beautiful puppies  

Cherry Pie and Katie (standard and mini comparison)

Shhhhh.... Cinnamon is asleep....

Poncho is the king of our castle!!!

Bonnie, Wyatt and Josie...... couch potatoes.

Max the play monster!

Sassy, Poncho and Jessi watching TV.

How many puppies do you see in this photo?

Lefty, Shelby and Penny..... best friends!

Poncho - The Rough, Tough Cow Dog!

Blue... the "horse dog"

Zack plays catch with a ball.....

Daisy plays catch with her body!

Poncho & Lefty..... true story....


Baby Angie answering the phone!


Queen of the hay bale!

Blueberry - zzzzzzz


Jessi and I invite you to browse through each page of our website.  You will find photographs of all our adult and juvenile dogs.  You will see who each female is bred to as well as their expected due dates.  Our "Puppies For Sale" and our "Cattle Dog Puppies" page will show you every puppy that is available for a new family home.  All puppies are sold current on shots and worming with most of their tails docked.  If you would like your Cattle Dog puppy to have a natural tail we are happy to accommodate you. You will simply reserve first, second or third pick of any litter. You must make your pick by three days old. All puppies go with a small bag of their food, shot and worming records, breeding records and a registration application for each. If you see a puppy that you like or would like to be on a waiting list for one of our bred females, feel free to contact us for more information.

Shipping is available.  Most people chose to pay for their puppy when they pick it out and then the shipping when their puppy is ready to ship. Shipping is $275 to any domestic destination and in most cases 2 puppies can be put in one crate and shipped for $300 if you decide on two puppies.  We do offer a health guarantee, if the puppy is found to have a life threatening/terminal genetic disorder this guarantee is for equal credit towards any other puppy that we have or for a pick from any up coming litter. 

All deposits and payments that are made on the puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you do not want a puppy after you have put a deposit on it you have credit towards any other puppy we have at anytime in the future.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy to any individual for any reason. These decisions are final and are not negotiable or debatable.

If you are coming to our home to pick up your puppy and you still owe a balance on the puppy, we will no longer accept any payment other than cash for any unpaid balance on your puppy at the time that you are picking it up. We still accept credit and debit cards over  the phone for any puppies that are being shipped or paid for in full at the time that you pick it out. We will ONLY accept cash transactions at our home.

Our MINI Heelers/Cattle Dogs are 100% PUREBRED HEELERS. It has taken us years and years to breed the size down in our dogs while keeping the great Heeler personality, beautiful Heeler look and a healthy puppy that we are proud to give you a 1 Year Health Guarantee on. There is a breeder in Oregon that crosses Chihuahuas with Australian Cattle Dogs/Blue Heelers and are advertising them them as "Purebred Toy and Mini Heelers". They have recently composed a neat story saying that they have been raising Heelers for 25-30 years and have imported their dogs. All of which is a lie. The owner of the kennel contacted me personally a couple of years ago (this is 2010) all excited because they had JUST started raising "mini and toy" Heelers and using Chihuahuas to get them little...... came right from his mouth to me. We have people contact us every week with sad stories about the health problems they are having with their Chihuahua Heeler cross puppies that they have bought from these breeders. We don't care what anyone else does with their breeding program, breed all of the "exotic" or "hybrid" breeds that you want to, just be honest about it. Don't call them a purebred if they are not. I'm sure there are many people that would be happy to buy the "exotic" cross. Calling them purebreds when they are not is not fair to the buyers that are being misled and it is very unfair to the puppies who have done nothing wrong but are not what they are being sold as. Our puppies are 100% Heelers. Their parents aren't crossed with any toy or mini breeds to make them small. It has taken us years and years of hard work and a lot of planning to be able to produce a beautiful healthy Heeler puppy that will mature 12-14 inches tall and 15-30 lbs. If that sounds big to you remember a standard Heeler is 16 inches or better with many over 20 inches tall and 45-65 lbs as an average. We hear from people all of the time that has a mature male Heeler that has topped 80 lbs.

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